Curb Appeal: Simple Ways to Make a Big Impact

As an interior designer, I typically focus on the inside of my client’s homes. We discuss the entryway for ages in order to make the best impression on guests as they enter the home. But what about the outside of the home? We spend so much time inside our homes that it can be easy to forget about curb appeal. The first thing friends, family, and even ourselves see is the outside of our homes.

There are a few pieces of advice I have for clients on how to boost their curb appeal without going through the trouble of renovating or even repainting. These tips will make your home the prettiest one on the block. Let’s get started!


Clean it Up

A little power washing can go a long way! If you haven’t had the outside of your home cleaned in some time, power washing your front exterior can bring old paint back to life.


Paint the Trim

Alright, I know we said you didn’t have to paint, but changing the trim is much less expensive and can make an equally bold impact. You can go with a stark contrast or paint the trim the same color as the rest of the siding.


Repaint the Door

The front door is another small paint job that can make a large statement. We love the trend of bright blue and pale pink front doors that we’re seeing on homes around Houston. I recommend using a color that is opposite your house color on the color wheel for the most eye-catching effect.

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Change Your Numbers

You can add a new focal point to your entryway by swapping out your house numbers. For modern homes, large block numbers will stand out. On more traditional homes, we like the look of sleek silver numbers in a serif font.

Light the Way

Lighting gives you an opportunity to do something more unique with your front porch. Rather than the standard wall lamp, you can use pendant lighting to create a new feature.

Upgrade Your Hardware

Installing a new door knocker is a great way to play with your front door. You can go with more traditional elements, such as anchors and horseshoes, or modern features such as playful animal knockers.


Whether if its paint colors or a full redesign of the exterior of your home, Pamela Hope Designs is there for you! Give us a call today.

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