‘Tis the Holiday Season! We started a tradition last year of making a design Christmas wish list, thinking we’ve all been very nice this year! Our amazing design assistant Onui shared that her Christmas list includes this modern floor lamp from West Elm. She told Santa, “My room gets dark and I don’t like to have the overhead light on. A floor lamp would be perfect!”

Staggered Lamp from West Elm

Photo Courtesy: West Elm

I’m sure Santa would agree that this is a pretty great solution. It’s in a stylish brushed brass finish and has five globes that not only provide plenty of light, they are sculptural and attractive too.

Well, I still don’t have my Hermes throw or pillow from last year so they are still on the list. You can see it in last year’s post. I actually ordered one but it did not arrive.

However, since I may or may not get that, I have another idea. We are buying loads of swivel chairs these days. Danna has always been crazy about them. Once kind of hard to find, most furniture makers now have many options. I’ve reupholstered this Ethan Allen chair (shown below) at least three times and while it has stood up well and is basically still in perfect shape, I think a swivel would be really nice since it’s in a corner where you could turn toward the television or the conversation. I also think a slightly less traditional form would be a nice update. I really love the fabric on my current chair. It was from Fabricut and if it’s still available, I might even consider ordering more. However, I am sure I’d want to check out some new options as well. I might even change colors despite liking this blue hue in the room.

chairs in living room

Décor by Pamela Hope Designs

L'Escale fabric for furniture by Kravet

Photo Courtesy: Kravet

modern swivel chair

Photo Courtesy: Lee Industries

Its traditional vibe works well with the gentleman’s portrait that my mother gave me. I grew up with that portrait. We like to pretend it’s a family member but I think my parents actually bought it at an antique store in Baltimore, Maryland. However, I think I can get away with a new chair too. In fact, I know this one (at left) would work. Such a cool, fresh take on a wing chair and it swivels! Although that’s a really pretty colored fabric, I’d probably want a pattern since my large Vanguard is a textured neutral.


The fabric swatch on the right isn’t much of a pattern but it’s pretty groovy. Now that I look at it, I’m trending more teal and aqua. I have a new, really great ottoman in the room with a burled wood coffee table that spans it. It’s a great solution for a room where you want a coffee table but also want to put your feet up. Anyway, it has more neutral and orange tones and just a touch of blue that could definitely work with aqua and/or teal.

swivel chairs from William Sonoma

Photo Courtesy: William Sonoma


I also like these swivel chairs from William Sonoma. They are the perfect, modern swivel in my opinion. However, I think I need a higher back in my living room and the fabrics are too basic for me in this space.

I enjoyed reading this blog post.  As shown in the photo below, I love how Summer Classics shows an eclectic mix of traditional and modern pieces next to each other.




Photo Courtesy: Summer Classics


Once I finished my Christmas wish list, I started thinking about all the projects we are doing and what’s next for 2022. Here are some things I suggest that can take your home from 2022 and beyond:

Photo Courtesy: Arturest

Add at least one piece of rattan furniture or lighting. Tropical and coastal lighting was all the rage at High Point Market this year. The pieces are very economical and they give such a casual, boho chic feel to any room in the house. Ideally, I’d find a spot where you could change out a recessed light or older lantern and replace it with something like this:

If your look is edgier, consider rattan lighting in this super cool black, shown below.


black rattan lighting for home decor

Photo Courtesy: Arturest

 Speaking of black, here are other trends I expect to see.
Black accents everywhere. Not only do we see lots of black on exteriors these days, we also will continue to see it indoors. Black hardware, plumbing, frames, etc. can make a statement when nicely balanced. It can also be overdone so don’t forget that the little black dress is usually simple and chic. Add just the right amount of black to highlight your style, rather than overwhelm it.

Green is having a moment. While blue will always be popular, green reminds us of things we love: trees, leaves, grass, the outdoors. Various shades of green are the colors of the year in 2022 and some of the soft, gray versions will look timeless and classic.

Curves are in! There are so many curved sofas, chairs and settees these days. It feels good to round out a room rather than squaring everything off. Rounded edges are comfortable to the body and soothing to the eye. Embrace your curves!

Combining patterns might be a new obsession. I just mentioned above that I would want a pattern on my new swivel chair. There are lots of new, bold patterns available in fabrics and we are not afraid to combine them. If this sounds daunting, pick a few colors and look for patterns that feature them. Then find large, medium and small-scale patterns in that color palette. Play with how they could be used together. Maybe as multiple pillows on a sofa, or an accent chair in a room. What about using a different fabric on the seat cushion and the frame – now that’s pushing your patterns! Lest you think I am crazy, see how pretty the below fabrics go together. You could do a whole room just with these. Don’t forget to toss in a fabulous trim too!

 Holiday gifts, wish lists and design trends always inspire me. Until next time, find your inspiration or call us and we’ll help you discover it,


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