Home Trends We’ll Still See Next Year 

2016 has been a year of budding trends in interior design. While many have already come and gone, we continue to see many in showrooms and client requests are still taking shape. We’ve seen many of these trends make their way from high-end shops to more affordable stores, but we can’t wait to see them fully develop in 2017.


  • Black Stainless Steel
    Polished stainless steel is on its way out. A trend we thought would never end! This year, we’ve seen many kitchen renovations perfectly mesh with the look of black stainless steel. It’s a wonderful alternative to polished stainless steel but is just as easy to keep clean.


  • Granny Florals
    First, it came for our clothes. Now it’s after our accent chairs, and we love it! We’re seeing more and more granny florals in upholstery. While we don’t recommend the look for large pieces, it can be perfect for a set of drapes or dining chairs.


  • Formal Dining Rooms
    Many millennial clients are making a push to bring back family dinner time. The perfect place to make that happen is a formal dining room, complete with a full dining set. Rather than be attached to the living room or kitchen, formal dining rooms are usually separate from other spaces.
  • Marble Accents
    It’s no longer only on your countertops. In the past year, we’ve used marble accents in smaller pieces, such as coasters, planters, accent trays, and candleholders. It provides an interesting texture in a neutral palette.
  • Statement Mirrors
    Midcentury sunburst mirrors never went out of style, but we now find all kinds of statement mirrors adorning walls and mantles. In 2017, prepare to see more mirrors hung as art pieces. Vintage, intricate mirrors increasingly popular.


  • Matte Finishes
    Everyone loves a bit of shine, but matte finishes help to balance a space. The look also goes well with midcentury and industrial looks, which are increasingly popular in Houston’s many new loft developments.

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