Pro Secrets to Designing a Cozy Home


The hardest part of moving into a new home is that it’s bare. There’s no personality in an empty space, but every new home owner yearns for coziness. There are only three things you need to focus on when decorating. By following these three rules, you can not only transform a bare space, but find your own unique style, as well!


  1. Go All-Out with Texture
    The texture should be added in each area of a room. Begin with a rug and accent pillows to find your favorite textures. Then, add drapery and a variety of accents with different textures. Lastly, mix them up with natural fibers, metal, velvets, and more.
  2. Add Layers of Color
    All too often, it can be tempting for homeowners without professional design help to stick to a single-color theme. This can lead to a look and feel that is too manufactured and impersonal. Instead, layer colors to add depth. Begin by choosing three colors: a lighter color, a darker color, and one in between. Scatter these colors around the room and choose one for the walls to create an extra dimension.
  3. Vary Scale of Accessories
    Art and other accents should vary in size, but even in small spaces, don’t be afraid to go big! A large mirror, painting, or rug will fit right in to create a snug space. Try creating a gallery wall using different sized prints or varying the size of accent pillows on your couch or bed.

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