Even the trendiest colors lose their appeal over time. There are some hues that were once used everywhere—furniture, walls, accents—that are ready for an update. Color is a key element in any well-designed home, so each one should be chosen carefully. Color can alter the mood of a room and display your personal style.

Color should create a beautiful space, not make a room boring or drab. If you’re tired of the same predictable shades, we’ve got news for you: You can change them! We’ve rounded up a few widely-used colors that we’re ready to see get an update:


Swap Cream and Beige for Warm Neutrals

If you’ve picked up a fashion magazine lately, you know that the 90s are back. In interiors, this isn’t necessarily a good thing! Instead of using the standard cream and beige tones of yesteryear, try richer shades like warm chestnut. This will make your space much cozier.

Shale by Benjamin Moore

Swap Gray for Moody Hues

With the rise of minimalist styles in the past few years, charcoal grays have become a staple for many. While these shades do make for a wonderful base, there’s no reason for gray to be your default color choice. Look for moodier tones to give your space a more dramatic look. Jewel tones are perfect for this.


Swap Rosy Pinks for Yellows

From rosé wine to rose gold, blush and rosy tones are everywhere right now. However, we’re also loving bright and sunny yellows. Especially in a neutral room, yellow will have a more dramatic effect in your décor.


Swap Blue and White for White and Gold

Blue, gold, and white are a classic color combination. We don’t see it going anywhere anytime soon. However, you can put your own spin on it by incorporating more white and gold and more subtle hints of blue.


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