A few years ago, Pamela’s friend and colleague, Christopher Manske, CFP and President of Manske Wealth Management, hired PHD to redesign his company’s office space. We decorated the office with attractive and meaningful art and accessories that highlighted his West Point education, military career and his profound interest in philanthropy. Travel, postcards and currency themes tied the design together, while family photos and children’s art kept it fun.

Fast-forward a few years to Chris asking PHD to help design and decorate his new downtown Houston office! The former Star Bottling Works will be the new home of Manske Wealth Management. The historic building brings with it lots of square footage, an outdoor lounge area and plenty of parking along with many challenges and opportunities for unique design. PHD is thrilled to be a part of this project along with the architects, Prevot Design Services.

As we start getting ready to design this new office space, it’s important to consider the elements that create a functional and beautiful office space. If you’re getting ready to redesign your office, here are four design tips to incorporate:


Image Source: Autodesk via Fortune

Let natural light in
Your employees spend most of their day indoors and by the time they leave their desks, the sun has set. Lack of sunlight can discourage even the hardest working employees, so make sure to have enough windows to let a little light into your office. As great as natural lighting is, there are moments when the sun shines just a little too bright. Make sure to invest in sheer curtains, which are strong enough to block out the harsh rays, but still allow for light to enter your space. 

Have a space where your employees can relax
Your employees are the backbone of your company, so it’s important to design a workspace that will keep them inspired and motivated. Whether it’s a lounge with a ping-pong table and snack bar, reading room or an outdoor patio, creating a space that’s dedicated to relaxing will invigorate your employees.


Image Source: Adam Macchia via The Washington Post

Brand your office (but don’t over do it)
When employees and clients walk into your office, you want them to see and feel your company’s brand. The space should be branded with the company logo and colors but not to an extreme. Trust us, you don’t need branded soap and toilet paper. Place your company’s logo near the entrance and create a gallery wall with photos and awards. Include splashes of the company’s color throughout the office, like on chairs or a painted ceiling.

Allow for personalization
Most importantly, allow employees to personalize their spaces. Your team spends at least 8 hours a day at their desk, so let them create a workspace that inspires them and makes them feel comfortable. Whether it’s family photographs, artwork, flowers or little trinkets, encourage your employees to make a space their own.

Your office space should be professional and attractive to clients and visitors, but also multifunctional. What elements do you believe make for the best office spaces? Let us know on Twitter!Get in Touch

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