When we think of new year’s resolutions, our minds often go straight to our health. We want to be healthier, hit the gym, and shed those pounds. While physical health is important, don’t underestimate just how much your home can affect your wellbeing. A more organized, cleaner home can help you clear your mind, as well. At Pamela Hope Designs, we’re encouraging our clients to set goals that reduce clutter in their home to help their beautiful new home designs shine.

New habits take time to stick, so be consistent. Here are the top six habits we recommend for a neater, happier home:

  1. Stop saving magazines and books you don’t love.
    You graduated from college decades ago (we won’t say how many!). So why do you still have those old textbooks on your shelf, if you don’t love them? Are magazines that will never be touched again piling up? Paper is one of the first categories of items that we let pile up, always “getting to it later.” Instead, evaluate your book and magazine collections. Spend an hour or two going through them to see what you can donate.  
  2. Maintain a clutter-free handbag.
    Your handbag is a small piece of your home that you take everywhere with you, and it should be just as organized and neat as your home. Again, paper is a major culprit here. Avoid keeping papers such as grocery lists, business cards, and receipts in your wallet or purse for weeks on end. Instead, these items can be digitized. Empty your purse to clean it out every Sunday to be set for the week.  
  3. Ban piles of mail.
    Piles of mail can easily disrupt a clean and elegant design, especially on kitchen tables and in entryways. Commit to sorting through the mail as soon as it enters your home. Choose whether the items need to be recycled, shredded, filed away, or scanned right away and sort them appropriately.  
  4. Ditch old toiletries.
    Bathroom vanities are another area that quickly becomes cluttered. Discard any old lotions, makeup, and bath products that you haven’t touched in months and will realistically never use.  

These four small and quick tasks will clear more clutter in your home than you might expect!

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