Your vanity is a lovely little place to put on your makeup, but more importantly, an ideal place for you to mentally prepare for the day ahead. So why settle for less than perfection? We have five fabulous tips to vamp your vanity:

Transform with Texture
Adding simple materials or different finishes and textures to your vanity can elevate an everyday space. Placing metallic accents on a wooden vanity can make an antique piece feel modern and sophisticated. Add a faux fur blanket on your bench to add a sophisticated look. Try mixing and matching styles and textures to create an entirely new look!

Brighten with a Bouquet
A little vase full of fresh flowers can make a space feel complete. Fresh blooms will add color and make your room smell great. 

Invent an Inspiration Board
Install a shelf above your vanity for art prints, vases, or books to give a little inspiration to your everyday beauty routine. It’s a pleasant way to help center yourself during your daily routine.

Make it Multifunctional
A small space doesn’t mean that you can’t have a fabulous vanity. One of the easiest ways to make the space more useable is to place it next to your bed in lieu of a traditional nightstand. At night, you will have all the comforts of a nightstand with plenty of space for a lamp and reading material. Then, when morning comes, you still have the perfect space to get ready close at hand.

Replace the Run-down
If part of your vanity seems a little worse for wear, replace it! Simply by replacing a little part of the vanity, you may be giving it a brand-new look. Glass knobs, metallic finishes, or a brand-new mirror may be all that your space needs.

We know that your vanity plays an important role in of your morning routine, so find a way to make it as gorgeous as you are!

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