Oftentimes, your bathroom is one of the smallest spaces in your home. However, your bathroom is also one of the rooms with the highest amount of foot traffic, so it’s important that your space be both stylish and functional. Most people believe that you need to renovate your bathroom to make it bigger, but that’s not the case.

Make your small bathroom feel bigger by incorporating these five items into your current design:

Large Vanity or Mirror
Installing larger mirrors in your bathroom is a sure-fire way to make your space look and feel bigger. You can opt for a large vanity mirror or a floor length mirror. Mirrors not only reflect images, they reflect light and color as well, making your area look brighter and feel bigger.

Clear Shower Glass
Yes, an opaque shower glass does provide a little more privacy, but it also cuts down on the appearance of your space drastically. It might be a bit more high maintenance, but having a clear glass shower door creates a more open space. Trust us, you’ll definitely see a difference!5-items-for-making-your-bathroom-feel-biggerMultifunctional Storage Space
Let’s face it — you can never have enough storage space! Instead of investing in basic plastic storage cubes, up the ante by purchasing a tufted ottoman with a secret storage compartment. 

Natural Lighting
Let the sun shine bright in your bathroom! Instead of drowning your window with heavy curtains, let natural lighting envelop your room. If you prefer to have some curtains, try a white, sheer curtain.

Open Shelving
One trend that’s become prominent in kitchens and bathrooms alike is open shelving. Display items you would typically keep stowed away all while making your bathroom feel more open. Make sure to keep space between your items and not to clutter up the shelves.

A bathroom is definitely one of the more difficult spaces to add square footage to, but with these tips, there isn’t a need to physically expand your space. Need help redesigning your bathroom? Ask away! We’d be happy to help. If you’re looking for more inspiration, take a peek at some of the bathrooms we’ve designed.Get in Touch

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