Your bedroom is one of the most important rooms in your home because it’s where you begin and end each day. Set the tone for a relaxed evening and energized morning with calming décor. If your bedroom currently lacks a restorative environment, check out these tips to refresh and rejuvenate your space.

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Remove the clutter
If your bedroom mimics more of a home gym or home office than a bedroom, it’s time to clear out unnecessary clutter that doesn’t add to your bedroom’s purpose of rest and relaxation. While having a perfectly organized bedroom may not be possible 365 days a year, you can remove daily clutter like receipts, mail and dinnerware items. Removing clutter will encourage you to treat your bedroom as a single-purpose room, instead of a one-size-fits-all living space. Remember, your bedroom should serve one function, so keep it calm and minimal to enhance a good night’s sleep.5-tips-to-create-a-calming-bedroom

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Apply a soothing color palette
Color is key when creating a calming bedroom environment. Cooler shades are said to bring down blood pressure and heart rate, making it an ideal palette for your bedroom. To inspire a restful night’s sleep, look to colors, such as coastal blue, seafoam green and lilac. If you’re looking for a more neutral color palette, creams, beiges and light grays are good options. Even if you prefer bright colors and bold patterns, keep those colors to a minimum and avoid placing them on large surfaces like walls. Instead, add bursts of color by dressing up side tables with a turquoise lamp base or adding patterned throw pillows on your bed.5-tips-to-create-a-calming-bedroom

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Add a sitting area
Create a happy medium between rest and recreation with a sitting area. If there’s an object of interest, like a fireplace or window, position your furniture to face the focal point. For smaller bedrooms, anchor your sitting area to the foot of your bed. Consider adding a padded bench, storage trunk or ottoman to help round out the space. If you want to utilize the corners of your room, add an enveloping chair for simplicity. On the flip side, if you have generous space to work with, delineate space between your bed and the rest of the room by adding a plush sofa and coffee table for a peaceful reading corner.5-tips-to-create-a-calming-bedroom

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Incorporate window shades
Nothing disturbs your sleep like the presence of light. Opt for blackout drapes to block street lights and other bright illuminations that might interrupt your REM cycle. Depending on your bedroom décor, integrate blinds, shades or blackout liners into the mix. Installing a double roller blind is another way to accommodate two different fabrics, allowing for both sheer and blackout options. For a soft, romantic look, opt for drapery panels. Or, if you’re looking for a fun weekend DIY activity, repurpose solid panel shutters for a rustic-chic display.5-tips-to-create-a-calming-bedroom

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Provide soothing details
Candles, relaxing imagery and textured accent pieces are all ways to accessorize your bedroom. Cluster soothing scented candles, such as lavender, rose or eucalyptus, by your bedside table to create a relaxing aroma. When choosing artwork for the bedroom, decorate with pictures of peaceful landscapes, or photographs that highlight your favorite destinations. Beyond artistic décor, create a calming environment with texture. Place a sheepskin rug by your bed, drape your furniture with a cable-knit throw blanket or add utility-style lamps in place of bright pendant lighting.

A restful night is your best asset. No matter your budget or design skills, making a harmonious bedroom is attainable with creative décor. For more inspiration, check out Zillow Digs®. Need help curating a soothing, relaxing bedroom? Let us know and we’d be happy to help!


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