Painting is one of the simplest ways to add flair to your home, so what do you do when your landlord or property manager doesn’t allow you to tint your walls? Or maybe you simply aren’t ready to commit to adding a splash of color to the interior of your home quite yet. Although painting is fairly easy to do yourself, it’s messy and can take hours to dry in between coats.

Renters and homeowners looking for custom accents without painting walls might consider these five temporary and removable accents instead.

Play up your linens
Window treatments can add character to white or neutral wall colors. Textures and materials including fabric curtains and wood blinds draw eyes up, creating the illusion of higher ceilings. If you’re stuck in a studio or garden-level apartment with low-hanging ceilings, vertical height is a challenge, so make sure to hang curtains above your window moldings to make windows appear taller. Bed linens can also help with customizing your home or apartment when you can’t paint. Lively duvets and throw pillows can make all the difference for stark master bedroom designs – and can be changed up seasonally. For instance, you might opt for chunky knits and faux fur in autumn and winter, and lighter floral or toile patterns in spring and summer.

Incorporate shelving
Shelving is not only functional, it adds dimension to otherwise flat surfaces. Hang floating shelves made of driftwood or heavy wooden white palettes to showcase your trinkets and accessories. These can be placed in bathrooms for extra storage or in living rooms to keep electronics and books safely stowed.


Image Source: Pamela Hope Designs

Add art
Art is a temporary installment and a major reflection of any homeowner’s or renter’s taste. Aside from choosing paintings and prints themselves, have fun with frames, gallery wall patterns and abstract pieces. To achieve a more tailored appearance, opt for black and white frames, but keep things aesthetically interesting with other accents such as deer heads and monogrammed letter lights. If you still desire the sophisticated look, simply stick with a neutral or monochrome color palette.

Make a statement with throw rugs
Balance white walls with fun throw rugs in interesting, colorful patterns. Oriental rugs are a go-to for both bohemian-style interiors and traditional homes – the opportunities to decorate around an oriental rug are almost endless. If you’re attempting to cover linoleum or old carpet in a rental, try area rugs in a light gray or beige to keep spaces feeling open while hiding future spills and stains.

Brighten up with light fixtures
Nothing says dull quite like dim interiors. In order for all of your accents to shine, you’ll need ample light. If your space lacks light via large picture windows or skylights, try supplementing with lamps spaced across rooms. Heavy table lamps, pendant lights and floor lamps add a mix of bulkiness and variety to an apartment or home, so rooms feel evenly balanced and not weighed down in one corner or section over another. Plus, light bounces, so strategically-placed lamps and bulbs give an overall light, airy feel. Don’t be afraid to mix metals, types and shades for an eclectic look.

You don’t need a can of paint and a brush to feel comfortable in your current abode. With a few simple touches, your home can reflect your character and style, whether you rent or own. Have questions about adding personality to your space without the paint? Ask away on Twitter!

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