Tips to Instantly Brighten a Dark Room


It doesn’t take a day of demolition and installing new windows to brighten a room. While not every home is filled with natural light, over the years we’ve found a few tips to instantly add a bright touch to any room. Ready to see the light? Let’s get started!


  1. Check your bulbs.
    Far too often, we let light fixtures sit with broken bulbs for weeks or even months. Take the time to check each room and every light fixture to see if anything needs to be replaced. For recessed lights, it’s also a good idea to add extra brightness by replacing current bulbs with LED versions.
  2. Avoid dark and clunky furniture.
    Dark and grand pieces can be wonderful additions to a room, but sometimes there isn’t a place for them. Balance dark furniture with light, airy pieces. For example, rather than pairing a leather couch with a large wooden coffee table, consider a sleek iron or gold and glass-top option.
  3. Use open shelving.
    In smaller spaces, it’s best to go with open shelving. They can add depth to a room and have a lighter look than large cabinets. If you’re using bright white paint, open shelves also allow for more of the beautiful white to shine through.
  4. Use mirrors wisely.
    Using mirrors to make a room feel larger is a staple for any designer, but you must know how to properly place them. Small mirrors may not help, but in a bedroom, a large dressing mirror can make all the difference. Be careful of the size and where you place the mirrors according to light sources.
  5. Take one thing off.
    You don’t need to be a minimalist, but use the same advice many women use when dressing: Before you leave, take one accessory off. Look around the room and see if you truly love and need every piece. A bit more empty space will help open a dark room.

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