Statement Lighting in a Dining Room

Above Photo Courtesy of House of Grace

When updating the interior design of a home or office, clients sometimes think about including a statement furniture piece. In many ways, it’s the piece that serves as the main attraction, drawing your eye first. Statement furniture doesn’t always have to be large but rather should include an intriguing feature of its own. Here are 6 tips for selecting your next statement furniture piece.

1) Statement pieces are often placed in prominent places such as an entry or dining room, where plenty of people will see them. As shown in the photo above from House of Grace, a bright and bold chandelier in a dining room can give an exuberant feel to the room.

2) Statement pieces should reflect your character and individualism. Are you originally from another country? Try a unique piece of art that reflects your home country’s culture. Love to travel? Collect memoirs of your journeys and display your favorites as art. For instance, in one home, a didgeridoo is boldly hung diagonally in a living room with a nod to the family’s trip to Australia.

Soft Aqua Cupboard in Neutral Kitchen is Statement Piece3) Eye catching: The furniture piece should grab visitors’ attention in terms of either shape, color or pattern. For instance, in an elegant kitchen that primarily uses neutral tones, a cupboard in soft aqua draws guests’ eyes. It also doubles as extra storage space but doesn’t have to be over-sized. Tastefully placed furniture in the right fabric, pattern or color is ideal.

4) Treat these as the jumping off point for the style of your home, space or specific room. If your favorite color is coral, consider a comfortable chair in that tone. Then, carry the coral hue in other accents throughout the space in smaller pieces that are less noticeable.

5) Statement pieces should make you happy every time you walk by. That armoire with the traditional, dark exterior elicits a beaming grin when you see the vivid red inside, thanks to the door that’s carefully left ajar.

6) Remember: Your tastes will likely change throughout the years and changing your statement pieces is perfectly fine. Don’t feel like you have to live with the piece forever. Like your tastes, the design of your space should also evolve over time. If you invest in quality pieces, they’re apt to last longer and can be refinished or reupholstered numerous times over the years to keep up with your favorite design trends for statement pieces.

Which statement piece have you seen that really stood out? Where did you see it? Leave your ideas in the comments below. We’d love to hear from you.

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