Beautiful artwork in all shapes and sizes can completely tie together your favorite spaces in unexpected ways. Not just any art will do, however. Take a look at out our tips to select the right piece of art for any room:

Choose Something You Love

Everything in your home should really appeal to you. Art, in particular is very personal. Each piece you choose is meant to evoke an emotion and should have a personal connection to you. Above all, you should truly love the art that you select, so don’t buy anything just because it’s the right size or price. Make sure you truly love it!

Determine Your Scale

Choosing the right size is key. While each situation is different, a general guideline is that the art should fill 1/2 to 3/4 of the wall it will hang on. This way, the art is incorporated into your space but not taking control of the entire room.

For contemporary art, consider going even bigger. This art style lends itself to making a bold statement both in terms of the art itself, but also in the size of the canvas. If large-scale artwork isn’t in your budget, consider using several, smaller pieces of art grouped together.

Select Your Orientation

Choose artwork that complements the shape of the space. A tall, narrow wall will look best with a rectangular, portrait orientation. If you want to hang art above the sofa, consider its shape and choose an orientation that balances that space. Look at the shape of the wall space you’re trying to fill, and select artwork that would flow seamlessly with the space you have.

Think About Your Space

When it comes to hanging art, if it’s hung too high it can look awkward and take away from the beauty of the piece. Always hang art so that the center of the art rests at eye level. When hanging art above a sofa or other piece of furniture, place the bottom of the frame anywhere from 6-12 inches above the furniture.

Pick Your Color Scheme

The color of the art that you select is critical. The piece needs to work with your home’s overall color scheme and the surrounding décor. You can select art to blend with your walls, pick up an accent color, tie your entire color palette together, or even stand out on its own.

Set the Mood

The mood of your artwork will affect the mood of your room. Take into consideration which room you will be placing it in.  For example, modern art is often vibrant and high-energy, and can be somewhat jarring in a calm, quiet room like a bedroom. Think of what energy you are trying to evoke and choose artwork that will fit that same vibe.

Artwork has the ability to define the mood of your space, so choosing the right piece is an important task. Let us help you bring personality into your home with art!

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