The books on your coffee table tell your guests more about you than you might think. They offer a chic opportunity to showcase your interests and style and can even serve as a conversation starter. For design lovers, these colorful page-turners will offer design inspiration galore.

We’ve gathered a list of a few of our current favorite coffee table books that are perfect for design lovers to gift or keep:

David Hicks on Decoration With Fabrics

David Hicks established his reputation for breathtaking interior design largely due to his wonderful uses of textiles from carpets to fabrics. This book is full of vibrant colors and patterns and dives into how the designer experimented with fabric in his decor.


Living Architecture

This book contains 130 curated images of iconic 20th-century residences. This single book showcases many of America’s architectural styles through the years. The photography is beautiful, so you will want to look at every detail cover-to-cover.



Black and White (and a Bit In Between)

From full rooms to detailed accents, Black and White showcases more than 100 spaces from acclaimed interior designers. You will find hundreds of ways to elegantly style the classic color palette of black and white.


The Houses

Frank Lloyd Wright’s name is synonymous with American architecture. This must-have book features hundreds of photos of his best and most interesting work from throughout his career. The photography is stunning!


Pantone: The 20th Century In Color

If you anxiously await the news of Pantone’s Color of the Year every year, then this one is for you! This vibrant book takes a look at more than 200 art pieces, designs, and fashion to delve into the color trends we’ve seen in the past century.

Art of the 20th Century

Wrapping 20th-century art into one book isn’t easy, but this volume does it beautifully. If you appreciate art, then this is a wonderful book to have and browse. Its bright red cover also serves as a chic and bright accent.


Creating a beautiful living room requires more than coffee-table books! Are you redesigning your home? Contact Pamela Hope Designs today for a consultation.

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