Tips for Designing a Shared Kids’ Room

Decorating a child’s room is a fun task for any designer and parent. When two children are sharing a bedroom, that task can turn into a challenge! It can be difficult in terms of physical space, but also in that you want each child’s personality to shine while creating a cohesive look. Keep reading to discover eight of our best tips for tackling a shared child’s bedroom!

Tips to Designing A Shared Bedroom


  1. Save space by sharing a headboard. By pushing both beds up against the walls and placing the head of the beds together to create a square with the corner of the wall, you can add a square toy chest or trunk in the middle. This will allow for extra storage, as well as save floor space to allow for room to play.
  2. Don’t forget to utilize space beneath the beds. This is the perfect place for seasonal clothing and extra toy storage.
  3. Remember to incorporate individual personalities. It can be tempting to want to create a completely matching space, but not every set of children will want the same look. Allow both children, if they’re old enough, to choose a few of their own accents.
  4. Always use baskets and easy storage. The easiest way to teach children to pick up after themselves is to make it easy for them. Along with booth shelves and other neat storage, allow space for a few decorative baskets that can fit toys and dirty clothes.
  5. Avoid boring bunk beds. The bunk beds of our childhoods were plain and boring. Maybe they were metal or wood, but they nearly always looked the same. For an element of luxury in a girl’s room, try using an upholstered bunk bed.
  6. Choose a neutral color paint. By using a neutral base palette, you can change up the theme of the room as they grow as well as let the children choose their own colors for their spaces.
  7. Don’t be afraid of color. While you need to have a neutral base, use bright colors for pops around the space. Leave the bright accents to bedding and other easily interchangeable items to save on long-term costs.
  8. Give a personal touch using their art or monograms. Encourage each child to create a piece of art to hang above their bed.



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