When I can’t include all my favorite travel photos in my newsletter, I know inspiration is overflowing. The 2019 Independence Day holiday allowed me to enjoy some Alaskan traditions and some new experiences as well. I love going on walks to soak up the outdoors in this amazing state. While my husband Jon has strong ties to Alaska, I truly have grown to appreciate its climate and culture. Oh, the abundant color and inspiration for interior design!

From the coastal towns to the rich green hillsides with abundant color and breath-taking mountain tops, Alaska certainly has views to inspire both outdoor and indoor designs at home in greater Houston and far beyond.

Over your July 4th weekend, did you find yourself eye-ing friends’ and family’s decor? Ready to personalize your favorites to your own home or office? Pamela Hope Designs is ready to make your lifestyle and treasures bloom around you. Contact us today.

abundant color

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