Style in BathroomsWe think bathrooms should feel indulgent, so we are a proponent of creating style in bathrooms by incorporating color. In this post, we share a few of our favorite ways to create a bathroom that’s a restful setting, tailored to your personality.

Master bathroom vanityFor a recent client, we opted to start with an elegant master bathroom with white and gray as the canvas. This bronze sculpture from The Phillips Collection is hung above the towel rack, offering mesmerizing shapes that pull in the gazer. The sheer size and interesting material are quite intriguing.  On the floor, you’ll find bold black in the zebra rug, which is a bit unexpected in a bathroom. We like how it grounds the room, while adding a more modern feel to the otherwise super-feminine space. Smaller black accents are picked up in the planted pot as well as jewelry dish on the counter. The chandelier and sconces add to the sophisticated style. The white, fur-covered bench contributes to the well-appointed, yet fun bathroom.

Style in BathroomsBold with Wallpaper
For a bolder look, we chose this modern green wallpaper by Cole & Sons that’s full of pattern. The freestanding vanity picks up the green color in its base. The softer neutral tones in the wallpaper are repeated in the countertop as well as the flooring. We create balance with the tailored lighting fixture, mirror and accent table with tapered legs.

In small areas like a half bath, it can be fun and energizing to go bold colors with paint or wallpaper. Also consider hanging vibrant artwork for a splash of color.

Art to Update Style
Style in BathroomsSpeaking of art, it’s a great way to give a room a new feel or take a tired, neutral room up a notch. Proper framing is highly recommended.

In the next bathroom, we highlighted the gold flecks in the bathroom flooring of an Uptown Park townhome by incorporating those amber tones in framed Yes and Flower Painting Soon art by Dana Frankfort that was purchased from The Inman Gallery. Shown to the left, the gold hues in the wording feels powerful and positive. The mention of “flower” in the art is then visually repeated in the soft, black-and-white, floral wallpaper. The dark background of the two framed pieces also ties into the sink base, weaving the various features together cohesively.

What’s the best bathroom you’ve seen? How did it use color and style to make it memorable? We want to hear from you.

Yes and Flower Painting Coming Soon by Dana Frankfort via Arnoult Fine Art Consulting.

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