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Congratulations on owning your new home! You have a place to call your own and the freedom of designing each room to your favorite style. Often times we need to be creative in styling our home. Sometimes saving space where you can is important, but sometimes homes are built with some small spaces, odd angles or shapes that will make you think twice about how to furnish them properly. You might say to yourself: “Oh, my goodness! What did I just get myself into?”, “What are we going to do in this strange corner of the room?” or “How am I going to make this space work or function well for me?”

It is a challenge to design these odd spaces to the best of your ability as well as the best solution for the design/shape of the room. Let’s look at a few suggestions on how we at Pamela Hope Designs would address difficult or awkward spaces in your home and turn them into something creative. Something great!

An entry is often thought of as a beautiful, grand, open space where you immediately walk into a wonderful view of a winding staircase or a fabulous chandelier. This isn’t always so. An entry can be very small, but there are ways to work around that and transform it into a properly functioning space. I like to suggest having a “landing” spot in the entry. Whether it’s a bench to place your coat or bag in preparation for leaving the home or even a small console table with an appropriately sized table lamp to add a little more light and a decorative dish or bowl to place your keys. This space is essential for the entry and gives it purpose.

Addressing Problems in Home Décor

Photo Courtesy: Helen Norman & Better Homes and Gardens

The awkward area under the stairs can be another challenge. Think about turning it into a compact desk/office area or a workstation. We have a client in Southgate where we did just that. The home had a small space underneath the stairs that we turned into a little office. There are shelves for a few decorative accessories and even enough room for a second desktop to place the printer. It is all tucked under the stairs and even has a door that, when closed, makes the office disappear!

Décor by Pamela Hope Designs

There are plenty of other clever ideas for under the stairs as well. Cubbies can be installed for extra storage. The space can be made into a reading nook. Create your reading nook with some added shelves for your favorite books, a soft cushion to snuggle on with a few fun pillows and a cozy blanket or throw. It’s the perfect place to get away with your favorite novel. Some tight areas can even have electricity run through them for decorative lighting as shown in the next example.

custom lighting in reading nook

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small spaces for pets

Photo Courtesy: Decoist

Another great idea for an awkward space is to have one that Fido can call his own. There are many options to take this space to the next level. I think my favorite is the photo above of the dog’s space under the stairs with a window for the pup to look out!  We have a client who made a custom console table similar to the one pictured here for the family’s three Golden Doodles. It is the perfect spot for them and also acts as a nice-sized console table.

dog crates in table under stairs

Photo Courtesy: Decoist

Storage is something that everyone needs. More closet space, more places to store exercise equipment, more space for my shoes. (Smile.) A small niche with shelving can help in all of these areas. Shelves can be accessorized with decorative baskets to hide everyday items or they can be dressed up with decorative accessories. A shallow closet that isn’t quite large enough for all of your extra clothing can be turned into a workspace as well.

small closet transformed into office area

Photo Courtesy: Kritsada Panichgul & Better Homes and Gardens

Think about your small kitchen and the counter space that is available. The most efficient solution is to go up. The space above the cabinets can be utilized for pieces that are seasonal.

Make use of space above cabinets in small kitchens

Photo Courtesy: John Bessler & Better Homes and Gardens

A mud room is an excellent way to add more storage to an awkward space. Sometimes an odd niche can be turned into a functioning space with cubbies for each family member. They can even be painted in fun colors to be more attractive as well as add visual interest.

Brightly Painted Mudroom uses small space for storage

Photo Courtesy: KannCept Design Inc. & This Old House

So, the next time you challenged with what to do with an awkward or tiny space in your home, consider extra storage that you may be able to create, or the extra workstation you may be able to use in that little nook that is out of the way from the rest of the house. If you cannot think of anything, be sure to call on us and we will help you!

Until next time, let your creative juices flow!

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