With spring fever in full swing, many people have begun to collect new color swatches to freshen up their space. You mull over the endless selection in your local paint store before finally deciding on a color that—let’s face it—you’re still not 100 percent sure about. One helpful hint to help you determine what colors to choose, is the psychology behind colors you bring into your space. Blues, reds, greens…they all influence our moods differently depending on how our brain perceives them. Below are some helpful insights into each color to help you the next time you take a trip to your local paint store and face the wall of endless color swatches.

Blue Serenity  


With its calming qualities that mimic the serenity of the sea, blue is the perfect color to bring into your bedroom. Invoking a sense of tranquility, lighter shades of blue can help to promote sleep and relaxation. It also has a cooling effect to make any room seem more bearable, especially during those hot Texas summers. Dark blues, like dusk, inspire feelings of confidence and sophistication. It’s a great shade to bring a hint of mid-century modern into your home when paired with hints of copper and clean, simplistic, and neutral-colored living room furniture. Blue appeals to a wide range of tastes, being the most universally liked color on the spectrum, so you can’t go wrong bringing any shade into your living space.

Passionate Red 

Red is most synonymous with passion and power and is the most eye-catching color on the spectrum. Bringing reds into a home office is a great way to keep your mind alert and focused, thanks to red’s ability to stimulate both mental and physical energy. Deeper reds also bring forward a sense of royalty and similar to darker blues, a hint of sophistication. Accent your office with red chairs, desk accessories, or even a statement furnishing piece, like a bright royal red hutch. Counteract any shade of red with neutral and natural-toned furniture pieces.

Cheerful Yellow

Yellow is a beautifully bright color that inspires cheerful positivity, drawing energy from the sun. With sunny days being a common occurrence in Texas, bring some of those great outdoor hues into your home with yellow accents in a dining room or kitchen. Yellow evokes high energy and happiness, so adding it into any space will help you to feel ready to take on any day.

Green Vitality

Trees and natural landscapes lend us beautiful hues of green, and commonly inspire vitality, warmth, and freshness in a space. Bringing greens into living rooms is a great way to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. Adding fresh greenery can also help to improve the air quality of a room (learn more about improving air quality through plants from our previous post here). This invokes a sense of mindfulness and focus, which also makes darker shades like forest a great color to bring into a meditation or relaxation space. Relax in a cozy green accent chair and get some much-needed reading done, or just enjoy a morning yoga session to start your day off relaxed and rejuvenated. Green accent walls are a great way to add earthy tones as well, and when paired with stark white walls and furniture, can create a minimalistic Scandinavian design in any space.

Purple Royalty

 Purple is often brought into rooms to bring a sense of royalty and luxury, and it also helps to inspire ambition. Purple is a great color to tie into a kitchen or breakfast nook to encourage enthusiasm before sending the kids off to school and heading off to work for the day. Purple accent pillows or kitchen accessories are subtle ways to pull darker and pure shades of purple into a space without it being overwhelming.

If you’re ready to accentuate your space with a pop of color, schedule a consultation with Pamela Hope Designs today to help choose colors that best fit you.

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