Jon and I had planned a trip to the Mediterranean about a year ago. Little did we know that Hurricane Harvey would turn our city upside down. In the midst of helping friends and family and “mucking out” at my father’s house, we weren’t sure the airport would even be open. We took it day by day, trying to get back to work and trying to do our part. We did not have the option to cancel the trip, so when Bush reopened and our flight was scheduled, we departed.

We took a delightful Seabourn cruise from Athens to Venice. Greece has been on my bucket list since I studied mythology and ancient civilizations when I was in seventh grade. We landed in the evening and were booked into a lovely, old-world hotel. Our breakfasts were delightful, full of Mediterranean delicacies like figs, olives, and honeycomb. The view of the Acropolis over our shoulder was stunning. We had a wonderful time in Athens and thoroughly enjoyed the city and the people.

We boarded our beautiful ship and enjoyed fascinating ports of call every day. As a smaller cruise line, Seabourn travels to locales that cannot accommodate larger vessels. From tiny Byzantine fortresses to mighty Dubrovnik and glamorous Venice, we had a delightful time.

We had two stops in Italy—Brindisi and Venice. I enjoyed speaking Italian with the guides, while shopping, while ordering lunch, and of course, when we stopped for gelato. We visited charming stone houses from the Middle Ages and majestic churches alike.

Jon loved seeing the stunning yachts that hang around the Med. He also loved the forced maritime environment of Venice. Our whole trip was a boater’s paradise, and so Jon felt quite at home.

Acropolis Tour

Close of up The Parthenon, complete with renovations!

Pamela taking a break in an ancient Byzantine church

A charming Greek port

Our ship, the Seabourn Odyssey

A frighteningly hurricane-like design to the Odyssey’s stairwell…

I LOVE Bougainvillea. This is a standout specimen in a tiny Italian village

This is a darling Croatian fishing village. Just charming!

Walking back to the ship. Dubrovnik’s streets and staircases are so charming!

Piazza San Marco, ‘nuff said! Spectacular!

Another Venetian moment…

A shot from yet another lovely bridge in Venice

Danna and Joni held down the fort, which kept us busier than ever. I am lucky to have such dedicated and talented women at the helm.


It was a great way to escape and relax from some of the chaos. Although the timing was weird, all in all, it was so good to get away.


How can the beautiful Mediterranean not inspire you? Until next time, find your inspiration. Or, call us and we’ll discover it together.



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