It’s been a whirlwind of activity at Pamela Hope Designs. We are more or less moved into our beautiful new studio. It may not be at its prettiest yet (see the photo to prove it!) but we already love our air, light-filled space. We have large desks with lots of surface area to spread out projects and we know that one day soon all of those fabric books will be in the cupboards and we will have a conference table. Just like I tell all of you, it takes a while to get everything in place, doesn’t it?

We have to steal time to organize ourselves with all of the projects we have. Several of our remodels are nearing completion. Our large decorating jobs are well underway and we have two more starting up very soon. And, we get calls nearly daily from new clients too.  We love our job!

I spent the week before Memorial Day traveling to Toronto, Canada. I had always wanted to visit that city so I decided to take a design seminar that was being offered and spend a few extra days touring the city and visiting Niagara Falls. What a treat that was! I included some photos of the falls, my training with True Color Expert Maria Killam and some of our activities and highlights.

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I returned to Houston so I could speak at the Moms-In-Law June event. They are a group of female attorneys who work while raising their children. I spoke on the topic, “A Busy Mom’s Guide to A Well Designed Life.” I know we all struggle with work/life balance and I share tips to make your design, decorating and housekeeping a little easier.

I’m off again soon. Heading towards another of the Great Lakes. This time, I will be in Minnesota. Cambria, a manufacturer of beautiful solid surface quartz products, has invited me to be one of their Style Makers. I will be touring their facilities to learn more about their products while sharing what I have gleaned from my clients and the market. They have a lot of great events planned and I can’t wait to depart.

Organizing, traveling and sharing design ideas always inspire me. Until next time, find your inspiration… or call us and we’ll help you discover it,

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