Bookshelves are a staple in almost every home, but most people use them exclusively for storing their reading materials. Transform your bookshelf into a display case that holds more than just your books. From vases and small plates to photographs, check out a few of our bookshelf must-haves!

Line with wallpaper
Wallpaper isn’t just for walls anymore! Line the back of your bookshelf with patterned wallpaper. Doing so will add dimension to your bookshelf and will give a pop of personality to a traditional piece.


Image Source: Katherine Schenaman Interiors via Houzz

Showcase your collectibles
Most of us collect something. Whether you’re into miniature elephants or small boxes, you’re bookshelf is a great place to store and showcase your collectibles.

Highlight small plates and vases
There doesn’t always have to be food on your plate or flowers in your vase. Leave those items empty and place them in your bookshelf instead. This will highlight the intricate design of your pieces.


Image Source: Accouter Group via Houzz

Stack your books
Spice it up and stack your books on top of one another. Stacking your books will add different layers to your bookshelf, plus you can place small trinkets on top.

Get creative with your bookshelf decor! We want to know how you’re upping your bookshelf designs. Share your bookshelf design inspiration with us on Twitter!


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