Chic Tips to Complete Your Space 

So, chic is a good thing right? Yes! The phrase, “That is so chic,” is often repeated, and most of the time we assume it’s a good thing to be considered “chic.” Chic is basically an elegant look with a country feel with a tiny French theme intertwined. The beauty about the chic look is that it requires hardly anything new. The idea is to use worn furniture and add florals topped off with a neutral scheme. The chic style is so vintage and easy to complete. The best thing about incorporating the chic look is that it won’t go out of style; after all, it is a timeless look.

We have some chic tips to help you create the classy/chic bedroom feel:

Florals are important:

This doesn’t mean to get flower-crazy. Just a small sized vase with fresh or fake flowers is great for a statement piece. You can even paint the vase a neutral color.

Furniture Finds:

The best part about incorporating the chic style! Antiques and used furniture are your friends. Sometimes the best finds are the ones no one wants. This may require just a little maintenance, but new paint and some chic colored knobs will work well.

Some White, Some Blue: 

White plays a huge role in pulling the chic look together. But pastel colors are just as necessary. Pastel colors mostly seen around Easter time will do beautifully.

Color Chic:

The beauty of going with the chic look is that you can simply mix and match. You don’t have to be tied to one color. Get crafty with color and use it to show off your storage.


While creating your chic escape, one must be sure to have a patchwork quilt. Bedding plays a huge role in the end result.

Shabby Chic:

Although neutrals and pastels are important, it is essential to add a bold color. This could be a bright-colored chic dresser or an oversized colored chair.

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