Choosing the perfect linens for your bedding can be quite a task. Oftentimes, we’re torn between patterns and functionality. Choose light, airy linens and you risk shivering from cold throughout the night, but thicker linens may leave you sweating up a storm. Goldilocks had this same dilemma, but don’t feel pressed to choose one of the two extremes. Here are a few tips on how to choose linens that are just right.

Lighter, but Fuller
Heavy bedding is no longer necessary. When purchasing a comforter, go for lighter and fuller. Your bedding doesn’t need to have any weight to it.

Serene Colors
Your bedroom is your sanctuary where you go to for rest and relaxation. Choosing serene colors like lighter blues, greens and neutrals will give your bedroom a peaceful vibe.

Lightweight Washables
In choosing your fabrics, consider lightweight washables similar to those used at higher-end hotels. This will simplify bedding maintenance.

These tips will help you in choosing linens that aren’t too hot or cold, but just right. What factors do you consider when purchasing linens? Let us know in the comments.




Image Source: Frontgate


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