A bathroom is not only dedicated to personal hygiene, but also a relaxing oasis you can visit everyday. When it comes to selecting design elements for a bathroom, it’s extremely important to understand where to begin. These elements will help set the overall mood and energy of the space. The first step is deciding on a color scheme. A bathroom should be a place of tranquility, so you want to pick subtle, neutral color. A neutral color scheme can help establish an atmosphere of serenity, while highlighting accent pieces. After a color palette is chosen, focus on bathroom furniture. Consider using open shelves to beautifully store, organize and display bathroom essentials. Fixtures also help bring out the personality and style of the bathroom. There are countless shapes and sizes, and they are an easy and economical way to upgrade the space. Be sure to remember these tips when choosing your bathroom design elements.


BP1Image Source: Pamela Hope Designs


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