Greater Heights, Houston


By Dina Hanna, Trulia

A young Houstonian couple is expecting twins and wanted to renovate their Greater Heights, Houston home to a more contemporary style. When Pamela got to work, she saw opportunities for modern renovations and touch-ups , while keeping the growing family in their historic hometown.

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Greater Heights is a great neighborhood for a growing family. Although part of a major metro, it’s home to many who want the suburb feel of quiet streets and safe neighborhoods, while also enjoying the big city dining and entertainment options. And with this family expecting newborns, being very close to care facilities is a huge plus.

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While the contemporary style is a mix of past and present, the blend of both invites you into every room. It all starts with the entrance. Immediately, the location of potted plants, and the visibility of rich wood-framed mirrors and other pieces of art gives the homeowner or guest a sense of comfort and safety, two native feelings for Houstonians. Additionally, a fun seating area on the front porch, encourages family, friends, and neighbors to have a chat or read a book together.

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Thanks Trulia! 

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