Having a personal wine cellar is a dream come true for a wine lover like myself! Keep in mind the following four elements when creating and maintaining your in-home wine cellar space.

When building your wine cellar, consider temperature and humidity. Wines need to be kept at a cool 55 degrees Fahrenheit and with a 70 percent humidity level. Note that wine should lie on its side, allowing the cork and wine to maintain constant contact.

An unorganized wine cellar can lead to chaos. Not really, but it does make looking for your preferred bottle difficult. We recommend arranging your cellar by whites and reds and then creating subcategories based on country or region.

Rack Size
Wine bottles come in all shapes and sizes, so invest in different sized racks.

Whatever you do, don’t allow direct light and heat to penetrate your wine cellar. Direct lighting negatively affects wines, so make sure to keep your lights dim to dark.

By keeping these factors in mind, designing your in-home wine cellar will be a breeze! What are your tips for creating an in-home wine cellar? Let us know in the comments!


Image Source: Wine Cellar Solutions


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