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Having spent much time at home of late, our home should be a safe place to renew ourselves physically, mentally and emotionally. At Pamela Hope Designs, we believe that your home should reflect your personality and enhance your lifestyle. Whether you’re a professional in a demanding role at work, a Baby Boomer who’s recently entered retirement or busy with family life, we all need a place of our own to take a break from the daily routine. In this post, we cover key aspects to address in creating nurturing homes. We also feature some cool spaces that put the ahhh… in your surroundings.

First, let’s highlight a few characteristics that can be incorporated into your home for a more restorative feel.

1.) Colors that reflect light lift spirits. According to feng shui expert Bridget Saraka in the article “A Home That Heals: Creating a Nurturing Space,” color can have a strong impact on mood. “More times than I can count, I’ve had clients report loss of motivation after painting their homes taupe. They’ve also reported weight gain and digestive disorders,” Saraka explained. Creating nurturing spaces often starts with paint colors that are lighter in hue, especially in geographies where winters are long and bleak. Which colors help you feel calm?

2.) Let in the sunshine in. Opening window treatments to allow some sunlight in gives your skin a bit of vitamin D and has proven to be a mood lifter in both residential and commercial spaces. If, like me, you prefer the finished look of window treatments, avoid heavy fabrics and layers. You can also incorporate crisp whites into your décor that will reflect more light. Carefully placed mirrors also do the trick.

3.) Embrace your favorite pastimes. A beautifully decorated home can look great but still not provide the replenishment we need after a long work week. Think about the hobbies that you love or that you’d like to pick up again. Is there a room or part of a room where you could dedicate space for this hobby? I’ve found there’s often unused space that needs decluttering in most homes. With a little creativity, we can use these nooks and crannies to support our passions.

clever storage for book lovers is a way décor nurtures you

Décor by Pamela Hope Designs

Book Nooks for Book Worms
If you’re tight on space but love to read, check out this creative solution we unfolded for a Houston client. Instead of using her nightstands for the typical catch-all, she cleverly placed her paperback books inside with the colorful spines displayed. (To do this, be sure to find a nightstand with deep drawers.) Then we exhibited a few hardback books that were in mint condition on top of the nightstand, tying into the hues in her room. A library within reach!

This same client is such an avid reader that we also used open bookshelves across the bedroom to artfully display more books and some of her favorite trinkets. For a tasteful exhibit of such a robust collection, we grouped books by similar size and color to give visual continuity.

artfully display more books on bookshelves

Décor by Pamela Hope Designs

Spa-like Spaces
We love helping clients make the most of their relaxation and fitness routines. For another client we created this sauna and yoga studio with light neutrals combined with soft blues and greens. The oriental rug incorporates these tones with the wood of the sauna and it adds some warmth and grounding to the room. The white built-in benches offer ample storage for exercise equipment and towels without cluttering the space. The clean look of white is picked up in the split face stone tile used along the back wall to add a stronger texture.  Soft lighting above and behind the statues echoes the calm, focused sentiment. For good measure, the gray statue of the elephant, with its trunk wrapped upward, is a sign of good luck in many cultures.

sauna and yoga studio to nurture homeowner

Décor by Pamela Hope Designs

Indoors and Out: Space for Plant Lovers and Gardeners
The COVID-19 pandemic marked all-time highs in terms of interest in gardening as people looked for ways to circumvent food shortages and explore new pastimes while quarantining. Gardening on any scale provides a connection to substance and a feeling of control over at least some elements in life. That alone can be very reassuring. As I’ve stated in previous posts, I’m a strong believer in extending living spaces outdoors. While this often centers around outdoor furniture and patio décor, it can also embrace gardening.

Pamela O'Brien gardening

I intentionally treat my own backyard like an escape. Whether I’m just catching a glimpse of the greenery through a window, getting my hands dirty in the garden or relishing the setting during a meal al fresco, my backyard always delivers the touch of nature I seek.

a groomed backyard that's tidy is sure to nurture you

Décor by Pamela Hope Designs

Let’s face it. It’s nice to enjoy your backyard when it’s well groomed and neat. A breath of fresh air and a bit of sunshine works wonders for lifting our spirits. Sometimes, though, our back yards are overlooked and even neglected due to harsh weather, pets or children’s toys. We have plenty of tips on this topic in our post “Keeping Your Back Yard Mess-Free”.

incorporating plants for a nurturing home

Image Courtesy: Joanna Gaines

I recently saw this post on Facebook by Joanna Gaines, co-host of the TV show “Fixer Upper,” applauding her daughter’s love of plants. I immediately thought how wonderful it was that this young girl has intentionally carved out space near a window indoors to cultivate her green thumb. It just goes to prove that no space is too small for plants and that people of all ages find this hobby rewarding.

We hope you’ve discovered a few design ideas that you can apply to your own home to truly create spaces that nurture you and yours. If you’d like help taking your efforts up a notch, contact us to learn more about our design services and unveiling spaces that help you thrive.

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