This recent storm was unimaginable, and we hope and pray everyone is safe. We are back in the office and have been checking in with our vendors and suppliers to make sure they, as well as their families, are all okay. Most of them are safe and dry but a few had their homes or family members’ homes that succumbed to the fury of the storm. Our thoughts and prayers are with them in this time of need and we will do what we can to help them pull through this difficult time.


Pamela and her husband were safe and dry, but, unfortunately her father and stepmother could not escape the devastation. Their house took on five feet of water and they have lost nearly everything. She is helping them start over and put their lives back together as best as they can.


Joni had a few leaks in her apartment but, thankfully, is doing well overall.


On the homefront, I was fortunate not to have any damage in my home. We lost power a couple of times, but it came back fairly quickly. We were very lucky. I live on the east side of Houston, and during the storm it seemed the rain was never going to end. Fortunately, the girls were at their colleges and safe in their dorms. They did have some heavy rain and a few classes that were cancelled, but they were safer there than being here.


Our hearts go out to those who have suffered through this storm. We will do our best to help get Houston on its feet again and be stronger than ever before.

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