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It’s back to school time and for many families that means decorating a college dorm or apartment. While space is limited, college décor can be fun and smart. Here are a few tips to  create a curated space that is easily used for studying, visiting and of course sleeping. Many of these tips are easily applied to bedrooms for teens still living at home as well.

Some roommates choose matching bedding as a starting point; however, your styles may not be the same. Choose a common color and leave the linen selections up to each person. Select a comforter and a couple of coordinating blankets that include your chosen color. Consider durable fabrics that are easy to launder since you may find yourself sitting on your bed to study or visit with friends. Accent throw pillows also introduce color and pattern as well as comfort when doing homework on your bed. A larger, firm pillow is ideal for leaning against during reading time.

Add a soft, comfortable rug to avoid stepping on a cold floor. Rugs with patterns help hide dirt and allow you to incorporate more colors. A soft rug also gives you a luxury feel, even on a budget.

Gain needed storage by raising your bed with cinder blocks or bed risers available from Amazon. You can then move your clothing storage under your bed with drawers and baskets. Remember a cute step stool to climb into your raised bed.

On Pamela’s summer trip to Birmingham, Alabama, she discovered an adorable shop called  Dorm Décor that specializes in college bedrooms. Pamela especially liked the dorm cubbies that introduce plenty of storage for small rooms, while also displaying photos, books and accessories. Your desk often doubles as a vanity, so the desk cubby provides vertical storage for school supplies, make-up, hair products and more. Check out Dorm Décor’s cubbies for your bed, bedside, bed rail and desk.

Lighten up! Battery-powered twinkle lights offer a soft glow. Plus, the typical overhead lighting in most dorms can leave dark corners. A desk lamp in a bold color brightens up the room, too. Silk greenery or succulents that don’t need a lot of water are nice ways to add a touch of “life” to your room without a lot of upkeep.

Heavy items on walls such as framed art or shelves don’t hold up in dorms. Try posters and fabric wall hangings with command strips. Danna’s daughters recommend using cork boards to keep track of schedules and upcoming assignments. After all, your dorm should be conducive for studying and sleeping when you’re not busy catching up with your new friends.

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