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We love decorating guest rooms at Pamela Hope Designs. They are especially fun since clients can indulge in color, prints and patterns that might not be suitable for other areas in the home.

A little basket of healthy snacks is thoughtful since guests may be used to different eating schedules. I agree that it’s nice to add a carafe of water and a drinking glass, too. Some of our clients have little spots where they put a coffee maker and even a small fridge but Pamela and I like our guests to visit with us and come to the kitchen for coffee and drinks so we can socialize.

Other special touches can include a coffee table book and magazines. I like to display my latest design magazines for my guests since it’s a big part of my life. Some of our clients have a television in every room but we don’t think it’s necessary. I like to watch movies with my girls so we congregate in one room together and of course, the big game is more fun to watch with a crowd in the living room or outside on the deck or patio. So many people stream to their phones or tablets, we seldom purchase televisions for our clients’ guest rooms, although there is usually a dresser or bureau that would be the perfect perch in case a television needs to be added.  We do occasionally hang televisions in children’s and guest rooms as well. Greenco Zigzag floating shelf in gray

To be sure the guest room is as comfortable as it is attractive, we include a bed with a good mattress, a dresser for storage and a small chair. Sometimes, because of size, we only have room for one nightstand. This happens often in urban style townhomes, which tend to be tall and narrow structures. That architecture can cut into the secondary rooms and usually the guest room loses some square footage.

In a guest room for a single male client, this nifty Greenco Zigzag corner shelf was the perfect solution for a tight fit on the other side of the bed. We opted for the soft gray color, although a natural wood finish was also available. This floating shelf allowed us to include a few items to make guests feel at home without cluttering the room. It’s also a great spot to store a mobile phone, a glass of water or other late-night necessities.

When you stay at friends’ or family’s homes, which features give you that added comfort of “home away from home”? Our team likes to include a clock, so that guests can choose to set an alarm, if they want. This can be helpful for individuals adjusting to different time zones, too. We also like to use soft throw blankets as colorful accents that guests can easily grab for additional warmth.

Whatever else you do, don’t forget to post the Wi-Fi password! This modern-day necessity is essential for decorating guest rooms for maximum comfort and ease. A short guide on how to operate things like the coffee maker and the big television can be helpful as well.

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