Summer season is a season everyone waits for. Summer vacations, family gatherings, and countless childhood sleepovers! Redecorating for summer doesn’t have to be that difficult or expensive. Summer cleaning is essential to maintaining a clean and cozy home. Here are some simple tips for redecorating this summer, created to be easy and stress-free.

Your Interior Decorating Summer Checklist List 


Close out the clutter.

Clutter can ruin a well-designed room. When you walk into a room, you quickly notice the clutter first before noticing the interior. Clutter should be hidden away, hidden far away in places like the basement of the garage! Key furniture pieces should stick out and complement the space.This living room is fabulous and clutter free.


It’s time to rearrange.

When thinking of redesigning a room, you should rearrange your current furniture first. Repositioning furniture is quick and easy, and it will enhance your interior design. First, make sure you plan ahead and position all furniture mentally before you start the heavy lifting.

Move your artwork.

That lovely piece of artwork that you have in your bedroom is not receiving the credit it deserves. The most amazing thing about your bedroom is that it’s your private space. No one should be wandering into your room and know exactly how the interior looks like. Swapping out pieces with art from other parts of the house can spark a little transformation.


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