At Pamela Hope Designs, we’re avid animal lovers. Oftentimes, our clients share the same love and passion for their pets. When designing their homes, we always keep the four-legged residents in mind to create a space that’s stylish, functional and pet-friendly.

Here are five ways you can make your home a pet-friendly space:

Have a hidden food and water bowl compartment
Most times, food and water bowls are kept on the kitchen floor. However, there’s so much foot traffic in kitchens that it can be easy to knock the bowl over or trip on it. To avoid accidents or kibble spills, store your four-legged friend’s bowl in a secret compartment. Kitchen cabinets with a built-in bowl compartment are a popular choice among pet parents.designing-a-pet-friendly-homeInvest in easy to clean, stain-resistant fabrics
Muddy paw-prints and patches of fur are inevitable when you have a pet. When investing in rugs or seating, it’s important that you choose fabrics that are easy to clean. We also suggest that you follow this rule when selecting your pet’s bedding. Your furry friend’s bedding should have a removable and washable cover.

Install hardwood flooring
Vacuuming pet hair can be a hassle. Oftentimes, the vacuum isn’t able to pick up all of those pesky hairs. Instead of struggling with a vacuum and carpet, install sleek and sophisticated hardwood flooring in your home. Sweeping a floor is much easier than lugging around a vacuum.designing-a-pet-friendly-homeDesign their very own nook
Just like we have our bedrooms, our pets want a space that’s their very own. Whether it’s a furniture style crate or next to your nightstand, create a niche for your pet that’s spacious enough for their bed to fit in.

Purchase stylish, durable pet toys
Like children, pets don’t typically put their toys away. If you’re going to have plush toys and ropes lying around, make sure they fit with the rest of your décor! Choose toys that are stain-resistant and color coordinated to match your home’s color scheme.

Incorporate these tips into your next design! We guarantee that you and your pet will love your new space. We want to see photos of your pet-friendly abode! Share them with us on Twitter!Get in Touch

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