Summer is all about outdoor barbecues and bringing friends and family together for a good time. Designing a space suited for outdoor entertainment doesn’t have to be stressful. We’re giving you the scoop on how to create a stunning outdoor space.

Washable Materials
Let’s face it – messes happen! To avoid having a permanent ketchup stain on the cushions of your patio furniture, invest in seating that has cushions made of washable fabrics. You want to enjoy your party without having to worry about cleaning up.

Accent Pillows
Accent pillows are small, but they make a big statement. Choose pillows with happy hues and playful patterns.

Colorful Dining
It’s an outdoor party, so put away the fancy silverware and extravagant dining sets. Consider plate sets that coordinate with your other décor. Yellow and blue dining sets will make your food pop, plus they are fun to look at. 

Fire Pit
What’s a summer party without a bonfire? Not only does a fire pit serve as a statement piece that ties your décor together, but it’s also a great tool to help partygoers unwind.

With these tips, your patio will be ready for summer entertainment! What are your tips for creating a fun, stylish outdoor space? Let us know in the comments.

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Image Source: Wayfair


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