Children are free-spirited and playful, so their bedrooms should be a reflection of that. With the occasional accidents and tendencies to leave toys scattered around the floors, it’s important to design a space that’s kid-friendly and functional. Here are the most important elements that you should incorporate in your child’s bedroom décor:

Kids have a lot of needs, so their space should provide solutions to these needs. Your best investment will be in storage spaces. Beds with built-in drawers are a lifesaver! Cabinets with weave baskets serve as a great home for mismatched socks and smaller toys.

Younger children like to run around and play tag, while teens like hanging out with friends. Regardless of your child’s age, the space should be open to allow for movement. If you’re space is smaller, utilize cabinets, bunk beds and higher pieces that will allow for more floor space.

Themes are always fun! Their bedroom should be a reflection of who they are and their personal interests. Incorporate their favorite TV show, superhero, sports team or band into the room’s design. Colors or matching curtains and bedding sets can tie your theme together. What’s most important is that the room’s décor is cohesive and flows together.

Function, layout and themes are important to consider when designing a child’s bedroom. We love to hear what everyone else is doing! Let us know what factors you’re considering when designing kids’ rooms.BP6-2(Brittany Ambridge)

Image Source: Brittany AmbridgeBP6-3(Brittany Ambridge)Image Source: Brittany Ambridge
BP6(Kelly Ventura)
Image Source: Kelly Ventura


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