Over the years, we’ve had a wide variety of requests from our clients. Some want to focus on the kitchen while others find greater importance in their living rooms. However, there’s one room that our clients love our input on: the laundry room.

Although doing laundry isn’t necessarily the most exciting chore, it is a necessity. Considering you spend so much time doing laundry, it’s important to design a space that is both beautiful and functional. Here are four tips for making the most of your laundry room:

Invest in shelving and cabinetry
Having shelving and cabinetry in your laundry room is just as important as having the washer and dryer itself. They are great for storing your detergent, softener and other supplies.


Image Source: Rock Paper Hammer via Houzz

Keep wet and dry separate
Having these separate areas in your laundry room will help streamline your process. Keep your washer and sink together and your dryer and drying racks together. Doing so will make it easier to maneuver through your laundry room.

Don’t forget about countertop space
Countertop space is essential. You need ample space to fold and separate your clothes. Should you not have room for cabinets and shelving, your countertop will also serve as a storage area.

Drying racks are your new best friend
Say goodbye to the days of hanging your clothes to dry on your shower rod! Having a clothing rack in your laundry room is beneficial and helps facilitate the laundry process. If you have the space, a standing rack is even better. Should you find yourself short on space, we suggest installing a drying rack on your laundry room wall.


Image Source: Barlow Reid Design via Houzz

A laundry room is a staple component of every house, so focus on designing a space that meets your needs. Want even more ideas for designing the ultimate laundry space? Check out our feature in the Houston Chronicle. What does your dream laundry room look like? Share your thoughts with us on Twitter!


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