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The following snippet was taken from and features insight from our own Pamela O’Brien. To read the full article, please visit Porch’s website.

When remodeling my closet, what do I have to keep in mind?

“At Pamela Hope Designs, we always start with a plan. We would do the same for a closet renovation. What are the goals for this project? For a closet, they could range from a prettier closet, more storage overall, more storage for specific items, better lighting, a more spacious feeling, and the list could go on.

Most people would say more storage is an important goal. Study your closet while it is full. What are you storing and how do you store everything? Are there obvious issues such as your suitcase sitting in the middle of the floor because there is nowhere to keep it? Or perhaps, there is a stack of dirty laundry in the corner because there is no hamper or space for a basket?

Make a list of what your storage needs are and what is missing. Don’t skip the details. For example, if you have four backpacks, include all four of them unless you no longer need them. If you have the budget to have a professional closet company design your closet, they will use this same method and will take detailed notes and dimensions of all you want to keep in your closet.

Look at the way the closet is laid out currently and see if there are areas where you could get better use of your space. Several large retailers will help you build out your closet if you bring in your floorplan and dimensions. If you are doing it yourself, look online for ideas and see what you might be able to include in your ideal closet.

Even if you can’t add a lot of space or completely renovate your closet, there are smaller projects that can make your space better. Most closets get pretty beat up so painting the shelves and built-ins really freshens things up. Paint the walls too. How is your light fixture? For most people, it’s either ugly, dim, or both. Purchase a new, LED fixture with 3000K lighting to brighten things up. A pretty fixture is even better but a simple, new one that provides more light will go a long way.

Since you must pull everything out to paint, be sure to carefully go through what you truly want and need to keep. Most people’s closets are filled with old, torn, stained, outdated, and ill-fitting clothes. Most of that can be donated or discarded. Hopefully, less will return to your closet, instantly giving you more space.

Lastly, even a crowded closet looks better if it’s neat and tidy. Always hang and fold your clothes carefully. Place them in categories such as stacks of jeans and a bin with socks. Bins and baskets should match or coordinate for a cleaner look. Separating hanging clothes by color looks good and makes getting ready easier.”

-Pamela O’Brien at Pamela Hope Designs

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