Artwork is coming with retribution this year! The bigger the art piece the better—think of “more is more” as the main impression of the room. The idea is to have a bold art piece with daring colors, patterns, and textures. Get risky‚ and don’t be afraid to let artwork take charge of a room!


Though we love a good black-and-white print or abstract painting, there’s just something about bold, colorful art that brings life into a home! Colorful artwork can work in any room in the house, from your kitchen to hallways to bedrooms and living rooms. Find a canvas that speaks to your personality!


Pattern on pattern, yes! Sometimes more is not just more, sometimes it’s fabulous. I love to work with patterns that appear around the world. Bringing cultural patterns to contemporary art provides a strong element of interest to any home!


Arthide, also known as framed cowhide, is the perfect element to bring texture into a room and can help add much-needed visual weight to your interior! It also delivers a beautiful representation of nature as art and can make a space feel intimate and cozy.

Pamela Hope Designs has had long-standing relationships in the art world. From local and emerging talent to quality prints and important, collectable works, we will find the perfect art for you!

if you’re a little nervous to give wall art such a prominent role in your design plans, don’t worry. Schedule a walk-through with me to see how I can transform your existing space to create a harmonious interior with beautiful, dominating art!

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