A great outdoor space is the backdrop to creating memories of sunny, summer days and fun-filled evenings. When designing this space, make sure it’s both functional as well as visually appealing since it’s the ideal environment for friends and family to spend time with each other. To achieve the perfect outdoor living space, begin by defining the area with an outdoor rug – not only does this element help to define the area, it also helps to establish traffic patterns for easy navigation.

Then surround the rug with a variety seating, such as benches, stools or even an outdoor couch! Once this is complete, you can soften the look with cushions, pillows and small accessories. But as day turns to night, you will need outdoor lighting and a touch of entertainment, so try to ad a fire source for a feaux camping feel or an outdoor music system for summer parties. Use these tips to transform your space for the warm weather and good times.

Outdoor Space-01

Outdoor Space-02


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