exterior facade of Houston home

Exterior by Pamela Hope Designs

Hello everyone and Happy New Year! I hope you enjoyed a good holiday season and are ready for 2023! As we begin this New Year and start on new projects for our clients’ interiors, we are also often asked to help our clients with the exterior facades of their new homes or renovations. The exterior facade of your home truly makes a first impression. It informs visitors of the style or design of your interior. Now, that being said, if changing the entire exterior is not in your renovation budget, we can work with what is existing and we can certainly help you with that.   Let’s look at a few key points in updating your existing facade and some ideas for new construction as well.

Exterior Facade Materials

The materials you select for your exterior can be used alone or in clever combinations. Brick, metal, stone and wood are all materials that all work well together. A brick home for instance is considered traditional in style, but if you paint the brick, (we usually prefer a beautiful soft white), it will elevate the style for a more modern look. A combination of brick and wood is a beautiful option, while stone and wood come together nicely too. Brick & Batten displays numerous before and after photos (like the one below), which is useful in helping our clients envision some possibilities.

painting exterior facade of home

Photo Courtesy: Brick & Batten


Selecting a new roof for your home is a big decision. There are several different types of roofs, including metal, tile and slate. The most common roof type for our area is an asphalt shingle roof. When selecting a roof, there are several decisions that need to be made. The first is the color of the shingles. You don’t want to select a color that is too dark or too light. You also should ensure the color chosen is one that coordinates with the exterior trim, doors and windows. The exterior brick and siding need to be considered as well. The roofing company that you’re working with should provide you with a brochure of colors to facilitate your decision making.

One thing we like to do is drive around the neighborhood and note which combinations look best. It is much easier to see a roof and compare colors when you are looking at a completed roof in person, instead of a brochure. The Setting for Four Interiors website offers some great tips as well.

roof materials and colors

Photo Courtesy: Setting for Four Interiors


Sometimes shutters are considered for a home’s exterior. Not surprising, shutters are offered in various styles and colors to complement your home’s style. From traditional to modern, they can add a finishing touch to your windows. We recently assisted a client in The Woodlands, Texas, with adding shutters to their home. We painted the stucco a brighter white to take away the yellow and we added green shutters. They turned out beautifully! Below is a before (left) and after (right) of the exterior.

exterior facade with updates to paint, shutters, roof

Updated Exterior Facade (above, right) by Pamela Hope Designs



Professional landscape design adds that final touch for a welcoming home. It pays to hire a trusted landscaper to incorporate your ideas and also give you advice on which plants will do best on your property. They will keep in mind your preferred style and your maintenance requirements as well. Some landscapers also provide a maintenance service that’s a bonus for keeping the yard’s appearance as it was designed.

When purchasing a new home or building new construction, your exterior facade should be thought out carefully with your architect and designer. Pamela Hope Designs can help you select the best features for your home to expand and uplift the curb appeal and make it inviting to all visitors as well as your neighbors. Contact us if you need help and we will be happy to assist. Until next time, let the creative juices flow!


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