How to Update a Dated Home  

We are back from the holiday weekend and in full swing at Pamela Hope Designs. My girls are back in school and we attended our last, first football game of the season. I have to say, I did great! No tears!

Pamela has been busy too. We enjoyed reading an article over Labor Day weekend that appeared in the Houston Chronicle. It was a full page in the Lifestyle section highlighting one of our favorite projects. We were hired by the builder, Sugar Creek Homes, to make selections for the luxury spec home and ended up with the most wonderful design clients.920x1240

There was also a cute shot of Pamela in Paper City in the September issue. A photographer caught her as she was attending market at the Houston Design Center last spring.

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We have a wonderful new client in League City. The homeowner loves her house but would like to update her home without going through the process of a renovation. This is a frequent question/request we receive. How do you give a fresh update to your 80s – 90s house? With paint of course! Paint is the most effective way to freshen up your home without breaking the bank. Everyone still wants gray and white since they see so much of it on Houzz and HGTV. The question is, how do you cool off your paint colors while trying to blend with your existing elements you cannot or will not change, such as Travertine or Limestone floors, wood cabinets, and golden or red-hued wood floors? By selecting carefully. A few colors we have found can work well are Sherwin Williams Modern Gray and Benjamin Moore’s Manchester Tan and Edgecomb Gray. I am adding electronic chips of these paints as well as the fabrics we are considering for new dining and study drapery panels and boxed pleated valances in the kitchen and breakfast room.

Fabrics can do a great deal to update a window. Light, neutral draperies in a simple, geometric repeated pattern looks fresh, elegant and sophisticated and will stand the test of time. These are lovely choices that allow you to incorporate cooler neutrals even if you still have warm tones in your home.

So the next time you want an updated look in your home, think of paint and fabrics. They are much less expensive than a full remodel and will bring you years of enjoyment.

Until next time, let your creative juices flow!

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