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Autumn is around the corner and I am so excited for some cooler weather. We have been busy with some very large projects at Pamela Hope Designs. Kitchen renovations, bedroom and bathroom remodels, pool houses and new home construction, just to name a few. We love helping our clients with their projects and, once the renovations have been completed, we furnish their new spaces. Helping our clients select new kitchen appliances or plumbing and lighting fixtures for their bathrooms is always fun and of course new furniture always makes a space feel brand new.

One area that has a great deal of variety is furniture for the bedroom. When I first started my interior design career, one of the trends was to use one nightstand and one skirted table. It was an opportunity to add another fabric in the color palette and add a bit of trim on the base of the skirt or a decorative, rouched edge for visual texture. Styles and trends come and go. We are now using more sophisticated furniture with different options to not only complement a beautiful new bed, but also serve our technology needs. We have some attractive suggestions for you to consider. Let’s look at several options.

When it comes to nightstands, there are many options that can mix and match with various finishes and capabilities. You can choose matching nightstands or a mix and match with comparable sizing and styles. One person may like a bedside table with cabinet doors or the look of a small chest, while another may prefer drawers instead. If two nightstands do not fit in your space, having one nightstand or side table is perfectly acceptable. I did a little research online to see what others had to say about nightstands. Below are some useful tips that I gleaned from Modsy as a nightstand size guide.

Most beds are about 25” from the floor. That being said, we see all kinds of bed frames and mattresses these days so be sure to measure yours. You might consider nightstands that are between 23 inches and 25 inches high for standard bed heights.

Tall beds can have mattresses that are more than 30 inches from the floor. To look proportionate and for ease of use, you will want to look for taller nightstands, perhaps in the 28 inch -30 inch height.

While you can mix and match, the symmetry of a pair of matching nightstands with a pair of matching lamps flanking the bed is always a good look. We often see people with tiny, little lamps on their nightstands. Often, they are leftover lamps from former bedrooms or even desks! These are inefficient and make the room less pretty. Keep in mind the proportions and style of your bedroom furniture when selecting your lamps. A beautiful pair of lamps will serve you well!

nightstands for bedrooms

Holland Nightstand
Courtesy of Vanguard

One of our favorite furniture vendors is Vanguard Furniture. It offers a multitude of styles, shapes and sizes to complement any bed and the quality is excellent.

When researching a nightstand for your bedroom, you should consider the dimensions of your space and the height of the bed or more specifically the height of the mattress. Mattresses are available in such a variety of heights now that you need to ensure your nightstand is the appropriate height as well.

Vanguard Furniture has some truly beautiful nightstands and it also has a Make it Yours program. This gives buyers the opportunity to select a basic cabinet style of an appropriate size. Next, you select either open- glass shelving, doors or drawers, depending on your storage needs and wants. Taking your personalization even further, a myriad of custom stain and paint finishes is available. You can even highlight the decorative trim or accents on the doors or drawer fronts with a silver leaf or gold leaf finish. Once the finish has been chosen, the hardware for the nightstand’s doors or drawers is your next option. Fabulous decorative knobs and pulls are the jewelry and the final decorative touch to make the piece truly one of a kind.

Bella Stone Top Nightstand
Courtesy of Bassett

Nightstand Features
There are also nightstands available with special features. Different electrical outlets are available in the interior of the nightstand or there are even nightstands available with USB ports for your electronic needs. For example, the Bella Stone Top table from Bassett features one drawer that conceals a power strip with two USB ports. This is a clever way to recharge your devices without cluttering your bedroom.

nightstand features for bedrooms

MODERN Astor Nightstand Courtesy of Bassett

Another great bedside table is the MODERN Astor Nightstand, also from Bassett, which includes deep, soft-close drawers, a power strip with an outlet and two USB charging ports.

We had the opportunity to purchase matching nightstands for one of our favorite clients. She loved the use of color, so we used the Make It Yours program to create nightstands ideal for her. We helped her select a fun turquoise color and highlighted the drawer fronts with a silver leaf accent. Our client is an avid reader, so we filled her custom bookshelf with the majority of her books and then we went on to the nightstands. The drawers were the perfect size to fit a large quantity of her collection of paperbacks. It was a perfect storage solution!  Below is a photo of the custom nightstands in our client’s master bedroom.

unique nightstands

Décor by Pamela Hope Designs

When you are designing your new bedroom, you have so many options for your bedroom furniture. Apart from the bed, your nightstand selection is important since it helps you keep needed items within reach and polishes your bedroom look. If you need any assistance finding bedside tables to complete your bedrooms, we would be happy to help with your design needs! Contact Pamela Hope Designs.

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