Our designs were featured on Great Day Houston! One of our recent kitchen remodeling projects was highlighted as one of the five upgrades that will give homeowners the biggest bang for their buck.

Entry/Front Door Upgrade
You never get a second chance, to make a first impression.  Research shows that the quality of a front door actually sets the background for your entire evaluation. Try incorporating steel doors – they are much more energy efficient than traditional wood doors. They can also be stained and trimmed out to look the same as wood doors.

Garage Door Upgrade
Similar to the front door, the garage door sets the stage for the overall impression of the home. And, like the front door, this is as much about style as it is about efficiency.  Steel panel garage doors with insulations save money can be painted or stained to look amazing.Kitchen Remodel
What I love about kitchen remodels, is that a family will look past other negatives about a home if the kitchen is really what they want.  A minor kitchen remodel costs less than most families expect and it can make a huge impact on the sales price.  In fact, replacing the cabinet doors, cabinet hardware, replacing the appliances and countertops, can cost less than $15,000.

Screen Shot 2015-08-05 at 6.17.52 PM

Backyard/Pool Deck

This the one most people don’t expect… a backyard/pool deck can really make a huge impact on a home, AND you get pretty high return on your investment. Don’t think you need a pool or a large backyard for a new deck.  Even a modest outdoor space can satisfy a buyer’s appetite for outdoor entertaining and relaxing.

Attic Bedroom/Office Conversion
It’s no secret that homes that are larger in square footage sell for more, so converting an attic, or a basement if we were in the north, has a huge impact on the sales price of a home. Remember, what differentiates a bedroom from an office is that bedrooms typically have windows and a closet. This is, of the course, the most expensive upgrade in the top 5, but it also gives the largest return in dollars.

Some remodeling decisions are about maximizing your sales price, some are about energy efficiency, and some are about improving your lifestyle.  Every house is different, every neighborhood is different, and, most importantly, every family is different so do what you works best for your family.  To view the video click here.


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