After selecting the basic structure and design of our new home, it was time to get down to the nitty gritty of the layout. Although we knew where each of the rooms would be situated, making it cohesive took a few meetings.

We had to consider different factors when making these decisions. We thought about how we live and the aspects of our current house that we like as well as what we would like to change. Our list of wants and needs and things to avoid was set. I think we decided on a really nice flow that would fit our needs and also be desirable to potential buyers for whenever we decide to sell. A major goal of mine is to build smart and create a beautiful space at a fair price that would be appealing to a wide variety of potential buyers.

We’re really happy with the way that the project is coming together!  The front offers two entrances: one for guests and another for the family. We also have easy access from the garage or the courtyard into the house. We also have a generous mudroom with a huge wrap-around under-stair closet and a beautiful back stairway that leads to my new design studio.

If you enter through the main door, you’ll have a grand view of the staircase and the dining room. We really only needed one living area downstairs. We’re so happy to have a nice, private master suite as well as an optional second bedroom on the first floor. One of my favorite things is the pass-through from the master closet to the laundry room. It will definitely come in handy! I’m also excited about the butler’s pantry and wine bar. I have been coveting those!

The house is really taking shape! We can’t wait for it to make its debut!

Pamela-O'Brien's-New-Home-First-Floor[1] Pamela-O'Brien's-New-Home-Second-Floor

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