I’ve returned from the annual Fall High Point Furniture Market in beautiful High Point, NC. I tell everyone it’s like Disneyland for designers and it truly is. We spend a long weekend (or up to a full week), visiting beautiful showrooms, seeing the latest and greatest design the world has to offer, wining and dining, and meeting up with design friends new and old. Truly, what’s not to love?


I noticed some major trends this year. Black and white and contrast in general was in. I saw lots of sophisticated black and white (and still a touch of gray) rooms. Many popped with yellow, brass, gold, and even a bit of bright green. Blue and orange looked fresh and fun and was particularly spunky in bedrooms!

Tribal and ethnic prints, often in black and white, really jumped off the showroom floors. Their graphic appeal was very eye-catching. Animal print was used in very interesting ways, like a glam chair or its mid-century modern cousin. The print also looked fresh when combined with a classic form. Many chairs had sparse, but comfortable wood and metal frames. I was able to get a feel and sat in a bunch of them!

Stripes or lines were big and many were curved or broken to create interesting patterns. Following that same concept, snakes were a huge motif. Start looking for them on nearly anything in catalogues and gift shops! Gucci had a snake men’s backpack, and just yesterday, I saw a brass snake paperweight.

After a few days, I was ready for bit of time in the country. I traveled to the small town of Columbus, NC to visit my Aunt Lana, Uncle Dale, and cousin Shannon. The leaves were just starting to change and there was a chill in the air every morning. We had a delightful time walking around the lake, in the shadow of the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains. We did some quaint, small town shopping and visited a world-class equestrian center. It was the perfect way to end a trip to market. I hope they’ll have me next year, too!

Back at the office, Danna and Joni kept things rolling. We are quickly furnishing a beautiful apartment leasing office that we have been helping to design and construct over the last year. We have many clients still needing post-Harvey help, but hope that has quieted down for most of you. Where we are rebuilding, we are making things even better. It’s a busy fall for all!


Furniture, fall leaves, and family visits to the country inspire me. Until next time, find your own inspiration or call us and we’ll help you discover it.





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