Every year, I look forward to going to High Point Market in the fall. Located in lovely North Carolina, the days are crisp, the design is great, and it’s a wonderful time to network, learn, and get up to speed on the latest furniture trends. I always enjoy snapping photos and referencing the designs that I see throughout the year. This year, I noticed some interesting changes and look forward to bringing some of these new ideas to our clients.

Touch of Gold

I saw gold featured prominently in lighting, furniture, and accessories. This particular shade of gold was a softer version that was aged, brushed and burnished, so it enlivened spaces nicely without being garish.

This Currey and Company chandelier is quite a show stopper.

You can see the pretty brass base on these green chairs. I think the golden hues really add a nice touch, also from the Currey and Company showroom.

Books and Shelves

There were lots of innovative bookshelf designs this year. I found this interesting because most of my book club members use an e-reader, and a lot of our clients do not really buy books anymore. However, most people still have and want shelves. We have had several clients with shelves and no books, and clients with books and no shelves! To reach a happy medium, the market is responding and providing some beautiful book shelves and innovative ways to fill them with books and other items. I love the fun, graphic appeal of book covers that stack to create an image. This Beatles ensemble is super fun.


You can also see that by grouping books in types, colors, and textures, you can create an elegant collection.

Another fantastic shelf accessory included these velvet-covered busts. I thought they were hilarious and very eye-catching. I might have to add one to my shelves soon! I was impressed by the creativity of POLaRt, a company that specializes in bold, brave, and colorful furniture design.

Did you notice the art suspended from the ceiling? Maybe not practical, but super engaging. Needless to say, it was easy to spot this vendor amongst the throngs!



Speaking of accessories, there were lots of handmade colorful items like woven baskets, trays, and the oh-so fabulous Juju hats. Overall, the African influence in accessories was strong. I saw photography, exotic skulls, hides, and many beaded and woven pieces. Including a piece or two can add a touch of wanderlust to any space.


Have you noticed the prevalence of bright color in these photos? There is still quite a bit of pink. I noticed industry favorites like soft blush, rose gold, and even some bright, saturated hues at the level of magenta and fuchsia!

You can see the application of the color palette it in these rugs.

Orange and deep rusts were also on the showroom floors. Rust velvet sofas were big hits in several different collections. I thought this sofa with the butterfly art above was quite fetching.

However, gray is still very apparent and dominated some showrooms. With all of the unique use of bright colors at HPMKT, the all-gray groupings began to look a bit dull to me. If you’re a fan of gray, you can brighten the space with different shades of blues and interesting textures, such as this grouping by Vanguard.

I love these fabric-covered hexagon tables. You can select your fabric, and they can work with any style or color palette.

Chairs Revisited



There were interesting features on many chairs. In addition to the popular colorful velvets, I saw textile pieces, like carpet remnants, at Lee Industries and many variations of rope and cording at showrooms like Brownstone and Orient Express for both indoor and outdoor seating.

The Crew

Here’s a photo of my design crew and me. We have a tradition of meeting on this beautiful balcony and having a drink each evening. We like to brainstorm about current and future projects based on what we learned before heading to various showroom parties. As you can see, the sunset really cooperated that night!

Afterwards, we hit the very inventive Oly afterparty. They had a camp-scout theme and we participated fully! Oly greeted us at the door with a sash, and we eagerly visited the nooks and crannies of the showroom to find our scout badges. We donned kerchiefs, grabbed furry friends, and sipped cocktails out of tiny canteens. I had such a fun evening with my team!

High Point Market is so inspirational. It truly fuels my creativity every year. Until next time! How do you stay inspired? Give us a call, and we’ll help you discover it.

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