As I write this I am having my hair done in a turn of the century style in anticipation of our big evening, A Fête at Downton Abbey, benefitting Devereux Advanced Behavioral Health. I look forward to the next newsletter when I can share photos and details! It’s been very special to have the opportunity to chair this event.

Here’s the inspiration photo for my hairstyle:

PHD image one

There’s never a dull moment at PHD! We are thrilled to be working on several large projects. We’re remodeling a large, contemporary River Oaks area townhome and look forward to helping several suburban clients move into fantastic new homes this summer.


Having finished a very large renovation in Missouri City, it was a delight to hear these comments from the clients following our favorite rug vendor’s visit to the home:


“It [selecting the rugs] was fun for us, too! Thank you for all of your assistance in educating us about rugs and then selecting the perfect one for each space. That was awesome to be able to make the final decisions at our home. Each rug is a work of art.


Avid art collectors, they enjoyed the rug selection nearly as much as choosing their art. I love rugs and was pleased to see they appreciated them as art and not just accessories. See how the rugs complement the art.




Jon returned from his Heli-skiing trip in British Columbia and is already planning the next one. I love this stealthy photo of him tree skiing. He reminds me of a villain in a James Bond film!




Galas, late winter skiing, trees, art, and rugs always inspire me. Until next time, find your inspiration, or call us and we’ll help you discover it.


Screen Shot 2016-06-07 at 6.48.59 PM

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