Hiding the cords in your home for a beautiful look

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A well-designed home has a tidy look even if there’s typically a lot going on within the dwelling. This finished appearance includes hiding your electrical and charging cords, so they don’t clutter your space. Organization and some handy tools go a long way for keeping everything in place. Let’s review a few tips for hiding the cords throughout your home for a beautiful dwelling.

TV cord concealer for hiding cords throughout your home

Photo Courtesy: Wayfair

Family room/living room cords: Entertainment centers like the one shown above are often a fun center of the home. However, there can be a lot of loose cords awry ─ from the TV, DVD machine and DVR recorder to the speakers. Depending on your exact set up, there are a variety of cord covers to consider. If your TV is mounted, you may get distracted by the careless cords hanging from the TV down toward your console or entertainment center. Consider a TV cord concealer like the one shown here. For under $20 from Wayfair, this gem protects and conceals 8-10 cords, depending on thickness, by corralling the loose wires into one, discreet channel. The minimalist look so neatly pulls cords together that your eye almost overlooks the organizer itself.

We also like to incorporate great-looking furniture that maximizes function. We find the trend for intricately carved wood pieces helps disguise cords by distracting your eyes. The Melange Sloan Console by Hooker is a gorgeous option and a worthwhile investment. Plug in your surround sound or TV cable box, using the cleverly cut openings in the back, while enjoying the beauty of the two, center wood-framed seeded glass doors flanked by 2 outer doors. We love this classy and airy look. From a functionality standpoint, this fabulous piece can accommodate up to a 70-inch flat screen TV.

furniture with intricate carved wood hides cords by distracting your eyes

Photo Courtesy: Hooker Furniture


Calea TV Stand from Wayfair helps corral your wires and cords with pre-drilled holes in the back

Photo Courtesy: Wayfair

A less expensive option is the Calea TV Stand from Wayfair that retails for under $170. Round up your wires with pre-drilled holes in the back of this piece, allowing you to connect all your entertainment devices and decoratively place mementos on the shelves for an artistic look. A designer tip is to incorporate books that have a similar color spine or art with specific color scheme to weave throughout the console for a polished look. Homeowners can close the two cabinet doors to discretely store items that are often used but aren’t necessarily display-worthy. The rustic finish is great for the popular farmhouse feel or for an actual ranch’s living room. It’s available in six finishes to suit your style.

bamboo watch and phone charging station minimizes phone cords

Photo Courtesy: Tracy Saelinger / TODAY

Charging station woes: Since mobile phones and tablets are commonplace now, so is the trouble with wrangling all the charging cords. We appreciate a dedicated space for re-charging devices, rather than leaving them randomly and carelessly plugged into electrical outlets throughout the house. For a simple charging station that fits nicely on your bedside table, we applaud TODAY’s find of the bamboo watch and phone charging station, shown at right, that looks clean and is available on Amazon for just $15. Yes please!

For those who need to charge phones, tablets, computers and more, look no further than The Original Multi Charging Station™ from Great Useful Stuff for just $35. This could easily be ready for use in a family room or even in a home office. Ah, if only every mess could be tamed this easily and simply.

Reduce cord clutter with The Original Multi Charging Station™ from Great Useful Stuff

Photo Courtesy: Great Useful Stuff

Some of you may remember taking my design class, Make Your House into a Model Home. I taught it for years and presented to many groups around town. One of the subjects was that everyone needs a personal organization space. That held true in early 2000 when I developed the course and it rings even truer now because now the whole family needs access to device storage and charging. The concept behind a convenient and compact personal organization space it two-fold.

  1. You keep all your important devices in one spot so you know where they are and can grab them fully-charged while dashing out of the house.
  2. Your home looks so much neater without phones, devices, cords and cables on every surface. Trust me on that!

I’m a fan of the out-of-sight charging station, which makes these in-drawer chargers a dream find. The Docking Drawer Blade Series outlets keep your devices organized while eliminating clutter from your surfaces. These are ideal for clients who have drawers near their entry way, back door or even in a butler’s pantry. You’ll relish the clean, organized feel of your counters. Plus, you’ll cut down on looking for your phone with a dedicated space that’s functional too.

Get neat by hiding cords throughout your home

Photo Courtesy: Docking Drawer

Kitchen: Pot and pan organizing drawers are popular but here’s a way to make some of your drawers work double time. Another space known for loose cords that get in the way when preparing meals or gathering is the kitchen. We suggest taking the Docking Drawer Blade Series outlets a step further by adding power outlets to your pull-out drawers, keeping your kitchen appliances tucked away yet always at the ready. This means that you literally can pull out a kitchen drawer and use your appliances without moving them to your countertop. After you’re finished using your toaster or blender, simply remove the food items you want and close your drawer. This is especially handy when you’re wrapping up dishes before entertaining since there’s less to clean up within eyesight.

charging stations within kitchen drawers eliminate cord clutter on kitchen counters

Photo Courtesy: Docking Drawer

No-Tangle Home Office: Start your workday with a blank canvas by bundling electrical cords together with a cable management solution that suits your needs. While many office devices have wireless options, there still seems to be a bunch of cords to rearrange countlessly when it’s time to work. New York magazine reviewed numerous options and ranks the J Channel Desk Cable Organizer, 5-Pack a top pick for corralling computer, display, printer, lamp and other cords under your desk. Simply adhere this organizer to a desk leg or mount it to the underside of your desk and funnel your cords through it. No more dangling cords on your legs. Plus, you’ll avoid the need to rummage under your desk to find that pesky charging cord. Even better, this is available for just $16 from Amazon.

Cordless window treatments are smart and safe

Photo Courtesy: The Shade Store

Safe and smart window treatments: If you have children or pets, window treatment cords can be a danger, not just a nuisance. Remove the health hazard of dangling cords that tempt kids and pets. Cordless window shades and blinds present a crisp look that are simple to adjust as needed. The Cordless Solar Shades shown above are one example from our friends at The Shade Store. Cordless or motorized options are a nice investment. Window treatments with timers allow our clients to automate the opening and closing of shades. Plus, this feature aligns the length of the shades perfectly across a set of windows for a well-coordinated look.

As a side note, helping our clients with window treatments is an easy way to breathe new life into a home. There are a ton of aspects to consider, some of which are discussed on our blog under windows. If you need help navigating these waters, we’re ready to lend our expertise.

With so many ways to hide those pesky cords, you’re sure to appreciate the neat appearance of your carefully planned spaces. Whether you’re updating your décor or striving for a minimalist look through a home renovation or new construction, Pamela Hope Designs has strong experience with making homes functional, fashionable and fabulous. Contact us today to bring these ideas and more to your home.

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