The holidays are all about spending time with family and friends and nothing brings your loved ones together like food. It’s important to put time and creativity into designing a stunning and fluid tablescape. Create an elegant holiday tablescape that will have your family in awe with these three tips:

Arrange the table strategically
There’s an art to how you set up your food. With so many guests, creating a fluid tablescape that lets everyone go in and out is crucial. Start your table with plates and end with cutlery and napkins. Drinks should be on another table or area. When setting up the food, you should arrange everything in order. The ham and turkey should come first, then gravy and potatoes and rolls last.

Incorporate natural and seasonal elements
Tis the season! Line your table with small seasonal flowers or plants. Try using wreaths as candle holders. Green and red are very seasonal colors, but you can also incorporate hints of gold and white for an elegant touch.


Image Source: Better Homes and Gardens

Layer your decor
Your table is full of prime real estate, but it’s easy to run out of space quickly. Creating different layers will help you fit more on your table. Use cake tiered plates or sturdy candle holders to help add layers to the table. You can place lighter foods like cookies and other sweet treats on the elevated layers and the main dishes flat on the table.


Image Source: Pottery Barn via Houzz

When designing your tablescape, always remember that fluidity is important. Whether your family likes to sit at the table or it’s used as a buffet, you want to have a space that’s stylish and easy to maneuver through. What are your tips for designing a holiday tablescape? Share your thoughts with us on Twitter!


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